RF and LED treatment



The Photon Micro current Beauty Device, designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LED into the skin. The light activates photoreceptors in skin cells, producing energy for absorption by skin components, to beautify your complexion.

Light enters the body as photons (energy) and is absorbed by the photoreceptors within cells. These beauty care treatments are used to treat soft tissue injuries and skin conditions such as psoriasis, herpes, leg ulcers, burns, and acne. The spectrum of light is especially effective for treating wounds, cuts, acupressure points or other areas close to the surface of the skin. It balances skin tone and enhances circulation, inhibiting he formation of melanin pigment, fighting acne and dermatitis, and smoothing pockmarks, scars and wrinkles. This device can produce 7 COLORS and improve a lot of skin problems.

Red: is for wakening and activating the skin Blue: is for calming and diminishing inflammation. Green: is for comforting the skin. Purple: is for toxin elimination. Orange: is for Balancing and recomposing. Turquoise: is for relaxation. Yellow: is for tightening and oxygen supply

Rf treatments

Rf treatments

Skin rejuvenation 

What Is Skin Rejuvenation and How Does It Work?

As you age, your skin starts to show the results of your negligence over the years. Your fun days at the beach, munching on junk food, late-night binge-watching all shows up in the form of different skin issues like acne scars, sunspots, freckles, dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines etc.

Even weight gain and loss add up to these kinds of skin problems. Skin rejuvenation treatments add life to your skin, giving it a youthful appearance.

Skin rejuvenation can be done through different techniques, Light therapy treatment can also make your skin look young and feel smooth.

LED treatments 

 What Does an LED Mask Do to Your Skin?

Different spectrum of light wavelengths penetrate the skin to trigger changes at the molecular level.

Each spectrum of light produces a different color to target various skin concerns.

For instance, red light is designed to increase circulation and stimulate collagen, making it useful for those who are looking to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A loss of collagen, which tends to happen in aging and sun-damaged skin, can contribute to fine lines and wrinkles, and the different light wavelengths can assist to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

On the other hand, blue light targets bacteria that cause acne, which can help stop the cycle of breakouts. The yellow light assist to reduce redness and green to lessen pigmentation.

LED masks is centered on the lights used and can be beneficial to your skin.

LED devices can be used for skin rejuvenation improving elasticity, hydration, wrinkles.

When it comes to acne, both red and blue light therapy for acne reduced blemishes. “Unlike topical treatments that work to ease inflammation and bacteria on the surface of the skin, light treatment eliminates the acne-causing bacteria in the skin before it begins to feed on the oil glands, causing redness and inflammation” . Because red light reduces inflammation, it also may be used in combination with blue light to address acne.

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